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-Trekking or Cycling to the ethnic minority villages of the H'mong, Red and Black Dzao, Tay, Dzay... to savour the culture and hospitality of the local people is the most interested activity in Sapa. Alternatively, take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Fansipang to conquer the highest summit of Indochina with elevation is +3143m with sea level.

- Bac Ha and Can Cau market are very well known in the area for their color painted to local hill tribe people.
There are Flower Hmong, Phu La, Black Dzao, Tay and Nung…They all gather to the market on Saturday (Can Cau) and on Sunday (Bac Ha) to sell their homemade products such as corn wine, handicraft… as well as an interesting animals.

 -We proud ourselves on the local H'Mong minority guiders we've employed for our Biking and trekking tour. Our guiders have very fluently spoken English and excellent knowledge for understanding of the area and local people. By employees local guides, we  believe to carry out our part in the preservation of the culture and environment, and help the local get benefit from tourism in their homeland.

-With photographers, Sapa and surrounding areas are the most interested scences to get stunning pictures in landscape or living life... such as terrace paddy fields in the havest with yellow rice or sunlight and cloud's reflection in the season of filling with water . Dawn and dusk with cuddled clouds, how magnificent if the shadow of pines are printed on the clouds while the roof of local houses were flicking as the Eden? When the sundown, who can be denied to continue press shutter button while the sun was blending whole space by his color in the omega segment of Oquiho pass?...

-Photo tour is a special option we provide for whom in homologous preference. For further details please contact us in advance via e-mail at: info@gosapahostel.com

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Địa chỉ:   Số 25 Đường Thác Bạc - Thị trấn Sapa - Tỉnh Lào Cai


Address: No25 Thac Bac road - Sapa town - Laocai province - Vietnam 
Email: info@gosapahostel.com

Reception: +84 0214 387 1198

  Hotline: +84 9 3222 3244 - Website:www.gosapahostel.com

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