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The best hostel i’ve stayed at yet. the atmosphere is probably my favorite part. you can easily achieve the other categories, but not the atmosphere. attracts the greatest people and even if you just want to sit and read, there’s a place to do that amidst all the fun to be had. everything is clean, staff is helpful and friendly, and no complaints on the location. a great hostel!

The best hostel
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Địa chỉ:   Số 25 Đường Thác Bạc - Thị xã Sapa - Tỉnh Lào Cai

Address: No25 Thac Bac road - Sapa town - Laocai province - Vietnam 

Số điện thoại lễ tân - liên hệ đặt phòng: 0815 527 546

  Hotline: +84 815 527 546 - Website:www.gosapahostel.com

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